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work because we listen, both to the patients and clients you care for, and to you, as staff and managers in sectors which are always under pressure. One illustration of this is our work in Northern Iraq, where we successfully adapted our 3-day course ‘Working with Women’ to meet the needs of people working in grassroots services.

Each course is carefully researched, developed and regularly updated by key contributors to the literature in this field. We also select the best trainers and consultants.

We are always willing to help support services get the most out of our courses by e.g. helping you explore options and develop training strategies. Sometimes people find it useful to be put in touch with similar services that have commissioned our courses in the past.

We currently offer the following courses, delivered on-site for 16 participants; click on the title links below for details. Our Site Guidance Notes help these courses to run smoothly.


We have been providing this 3-day course since 2002; it is available in two versions (1) For staff working in secure services including prisons, and (2) For staff working in in-patient and community mental health services.

She has contributed to this field from a range of positions e.g. as a clinician, researcher, writer, lecturer, consultant and trainer. Jennie has published extensively, and has worked closely with the Department of Health on developing and implementing the Women’s Mental Health Strategy.


New in 2009, this 3-day course is similar in structure and perspective to the above course, and draws on best evidence and practice in working with men.


This 4-day course for staff working with men and women throughout psychiatric services was developed in collaboration with CSIP/NIMHE. It is one of a range of courses developed to support the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities and is well suited to staff in community services.


A 2-day training course for staff who have a basic understanding of the effects of inequality on women’s mental health, including those who have completed the 3-day course. ‘Safe Conversations’ helps participants listen well to women who have had traumatic past or present lives.


We also provide 1-day and half-day courses in response to specific requests. These include:

• Gender Informed CPA: for front-line staff and team managers

• Gender Mainstreaming: for women’s leads and other champions

• Gender Awareness Training: for policy makers and researchers


We are experienced in collaborating on this kind of initiative, so do contact us if you think that training your own trainers might be the way forward.


Inequality Agenda's Director, Dr Jennie Williams, has recently delivered courses in Iraqi Kurdistan

All These Courses:

• Help staff feel more able to talk to women and men about their lives and experiences

• Support staff to prioritise their relationships with people using your services

• Build essential competence in working from a gender-informed perspective

• Increase understanding of the dynamics of power and inequality

• Instill confidence and encourage creativity

• Provide a safe space for staff to reflect on their own thinking, practice, and place of work

• Promote understanding and respect for clients/patients

• Motivate and energise staff

• Give staff opportunities to work together on improving services

• Consolidate teams and establish networks

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