What our clients say...

"Inequality Agenda provides the only comprehensive and flexible mental health training in gender awareness, reinforced by an extremely positive independent consultancy.

It never fails to significantly increase the knowledge and understanding of participants and, most importantly, has a major positive impact on staff attitudes towards the women they work with."

Liz Mayne, National Project Manager (NIMHE Mental Health Trusts Collaborative: Working with adult survivors of sexual abuse)

“The Royal Edinburgh Hospital commissioned its first Inequality Agenda training course 'Working with Women with Mental Health Needs in Community and In–patient Settings' in October 2004. As an in-patient service, we were keen to respond more appropriately – and therapeutically – to the needs of all in-patients, but particularly those of women.

We had seen the IA service highlighted as a positive practice example within ‘Women’s Mental Health: Into the Mainstream’. As a result we contacted the North West Region Secure Commissioning Team, who recommended Inequality Agenda.

At first I had to go out and really sell the course as a great opportunity for staff and, at times, I struggled to fill all the places. However, we’re pleased to say that the feedback from participants was so good and so positive that word-of-mouth around the service now does all the selling for us. There is often a waiting list for the next course!

We’ve now commissioned fourteen of the 'Working with Women with Mental Health Needs in Community and In-patient Settings' courses and six of the 'Safe Conversations' courses.

Such good-quality training for staff has been really valued by all participants. It has given us a large cohort of well-informed, motivated staff who want to make positive changes in the way they work. It has benefited all patients but in particular has made the services more responsive to the needs of women.”

Susan Tennyson, Commissioning Nurse, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

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"The course gave colleagues an opportunity to explore attitudes which can either help or hinder the person-centred holistic care we provide for the women we serve.

Under the guidance of the faciliator relationships were strengthened; she also kept us on track and enabled us to challenge preconceptions and learn new ways of thinking and practice."

Susie Bramley-Tomsett, Training Manager, Women's Mental Health Services, Nottinghamshire

”The training courses provided by Inequality Agenda are of a very high standard and cover all aspects of Gender Equality. They are all well-evidenced and have a very real impact on service provision.

There is a good mix of theory and a group-process type of learning, plus time for participants to reflect upon their practice and beliefs."

Sue Waterhouse, National Programme Lead: Gender Equality and Women's Mental Health